Policy and knowledge in fisheries management: A policy brief

Vera Schwach, Denis Bailly, Anne Sofie Christensen, Alyne E. Delaney, Poul Degnbol, Wim L.T. Van Densen, Petter Holm, H. Anne McLay, Kåre Nolde Nielsen, Martin A. Pastoors, Stuart A. Reeves, Douglas C. Wilson

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The EU project Policy and Knowledge in Fisheries Management investigated the use of biological knowledge in various parts of the fisheries system, using North Sea cod as a case study. The project examined the way scientific advice was generated from technical and institutional perspectives, as well as the way claims about science appeared in both policy-setting and in public debate through the press. The results suggested that many people involved in the system want a new way to reflect about science in management. People from all major stakeholder groups are calling for a more interactive system of producing a common knowledge base. Such a system could bring uncertainty from its current marginal role as the leftovers of certainty to the heart of the science process. It would require stakeholders to help address uncertainty and to negotiate a more realistic placement of burden of proof.

ジャーナルICES Journal of Marine Science
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