Photoinduced metastability in YBa2Cu3Ox studied by in situ Raman scattering

M. Osada, M. Kakihana, J. Bäckström, M. Kall, L. Borjesson, T. Frello, N. H. Andersen, R. Liang, P. Dosanjh, W. N. Hardy

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We study the photoinduced metastable states in oxygen deficient YBa2Cu3Ox (x = 6.35 - 6.87). The states are identified by the intensity dependences of the CuO-chain resonance with photo irradiation and temperature. Below room temperature (RT) the CuO-chain resonance can be completely suppressed by irradiation with visible light polarized along the CuO chains, indicating photo-assisted oxygen ordering. Above RT the resonance intensity returns and saturates at T > 100°C. This behavior exactly mirrors the temperature dependence of chain oxygen ordering observed by hard X-ray diffraction. The stability of the photo-induced state is in line with the reported persistent photo-induced superconductivity effects.

ジャーナルPhysica B: Condensed Matter
発行部数PART I
出版物ステータスPublished - 2000 1 1

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    Osada, M., Kakihana, M., Bäckström, J., Kall, M., Borjesson, L., Frello, T., Andersen, N. H., Liang, R., Dosanjh, P., & Hardy, W. N. (2000). Photoinduced metastability in YBa2Cu3Ox studied by in situ Raman scattering. Physica B: Condensed Matter, 284-288(PART I), 681-682.