Phase diagram of BaI2-LuI3 system and growth of BaI2/LuI3 eutectic scintillator

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The phase diagram of the BaI2-LuI3 system was created using powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) analysis, and a eutectic scintillator crystal was grown by the halide-vertical bridgman (H-VB) method. The results of XRD patterns and DSC curves showed that the phase diagram of the BaI2-LuI3 system had a eutectic point around 77.5 mol% BaI2/22.5 mol% LuI3, and no new compound was generated from BaI2 and LuI3. The 77.5 mol% BaI2/22.5 mol% LuI3 eutectic crystal was composed of BaI2 in rod phase and LuI3 in matrix phase. In addition, the Ce-doped 77.5 mol% BaI2/22.5 mol% LuI3 specimen showed emission peaks originating from 5d–4f transition of Ce3+ ion in the X-ray radioluminescence (XRL) spectrum and the decay time under γ-ray irradiation was approximately 38 ns.

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