Pharmacology of N-type Ca2+ channels distributed in cardiovascular system (Review)

Hisayuki Uneyama, Akira Takahara, Minoru Wakamori, Yasuo Mori, Ryota Yoshimoto

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Irregular functions in Ca2+ channels are intimately involved in many aspects of cardiovascular diseases. We can obtain a wide variety of L-type Ca2+ channel antagonists to treat hypertension and angina pectoris. Dihydropyridines (DHPs) have, first of all, been extensively developed due to their high selectivity for L-type Ca2+ channel and safety in pharmacological aspects. In contrast, many lines of evidence suggest that clinical efficacy of those DHPs are limited and undesirable effects are sometimes observed because of the specific distribution of L-type Ca2+ channels. As well as the L-type, peripherally distributed N-type Ca2+ channel plays a key role in cardiovascular regulation through autonomie nervous system. Recently, we developed a unique DHP derivative, cilnidipine (FRC8653) which has a dual antagonistic action on both L-type and N-type Ca2+ channels. Our recent studies with this DHP have made it clear that the N-type Ca2+ channel is also a new therapeutic target in cardiovascular diseases. We review the recent advances in pharmacology of the N-type Ca2+ channel and therapeutic implications of their antagonists.

ジャーナルInternational journal of molecular medicine
出版ステータスPublished - 1999 12月 1

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