Oxidation state during growth of very thin oxide on Ti(0001) surface

Yuji Takakuwa, Shinji Ishidzuka, Akitaka Yoshigoe, Yuden Teraoka, Kousuke Moritani, Syuichi Ogawa, Yoshiyuki Mizuno, Hideki Tonda, Teiichi Homma

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The oxidation reaction on the Ti(0001) surface at 400°C and 3.7 × 10-6 Pa of O2 pressure was observed in real time by photoelectron spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation to investigate the oxygen uptake curve and oxidation state during growth of very thin oxide. The oxygen uptake curve increased rapidly with a plateau at O2 doses of 45-85 L, where the Ti 2p intensity for the metallic Ti component due to the substrate also showed a plateau between rapid decreases. The restart of oxide growth following the plateau was observed to be associated with a drastic change of the oxidation state from TiO to TLO2. Thus high-temperature oxidation on the Ti(0001) surface progresses through the initial rapid growth with preferential appearance of TiO and Ti2O3, subsequent temporary saturation of oxide growth and then rapid growth of oxide with significant changes of the oxidation state.

ジャーナルShinku/Journal of the Vacuum Society of Japan
出版ステータスPublished - 2004

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