Optical properties of polystyrene spheres contained electro-optic chromophore

Lusi Safriani, Kazuya Takayama, Takayuki Matsui, Daisuke Nagao, Mikio Konno, Toshikuni Kaino

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A photonic crystal, if tailored properly, can exhibit a photonic bandgap that could be utilized to manipulate photon. Microsphere particles can be used in many applications including optical integrated circuit, optical switching and optical filter. For these purposes, polystyrene particles contained electro-optic chromophore was fabricated using swelling method. In this method the appropriate solvent was used to swell polystyrene spheres and to facilitate the chromophore penetrate into the spheres. Then the red suspension of polystyrene spheres containing Disperse Red 1 (DR1) chromophore was obtained. Optical property of polystyrene particle contained DR1 chromophore was investigated and the polymer with the particle for waveguide application was discussed.

出版ステータスPublished - 2006 10 19
イベント55th SPSJ Annual Meeting - Nagoya, Japan
継続期間: 2006 5 242006 5 26


Other55th SPSJ Annual Meeting

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