OPE analysis of QCD potential and determination of ΛMS

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We analyze the static QCD potential in the distance region 0.1 fm ≤ r ≤ 1 fm. We combine most recent lattice computations and perturbative computations of the potential, in the framework of operator-product expansion (OPE). We determine simultaneously the non-perturbative contribution to the potential, δEUS(r), and the relation between the lattice scale (Sommer scale) and ≤MS in the quenched approximation. We find that (1) large part of the short-distance linear potential belongs to the perturbative Wilson coefficient, (2) δEUS (r) = 0 is disfavored, and (3) r03-LOOP/MS = 0.574 ±0.042. It provides a new method for precise determination of r03-LOOP/MS.

ジャーナルProceedings of Science
出版ステータスPublished - 2005
イベント23rd International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory, LAT 2005 - Dublin, Ireland
継続期間: 2005 7 252005 7 30

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