One-step synthesis of graphene-Pt nanocomposites by gamma-ray irradiation

Akihiro Tokai, Kenji Okitsu, Fuminobu Hori, Yoshiteru Mizukoshi, Akihiro Iwase

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We developed a one-step gamma-ray irradiation method to synthesize nanocomposites composed of graphene and Pt nanoparticles from aqueous solution containing graphene and Pt(IV) complex ions in the presence of 2-propanol (IPA) or sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS). It was confirmed that gamma-ray irradiation provided carbonyl groups on graphene and Pt nanoparticles formed from the radiolytic reduction of Pt(IV) complex ions were deposited onto the carbonyl modified graphene. In the presence of IPA, small Pt nanoparticles were deposited on graphene, but large Pt nanoparticles were deposited in the presence of SDS: the size of Pt nanoparticles formed was larger in the presence of SDS than IPA. Based on the results, formation and deposition mechanisms of Pt nanoparticles were proposed.

ジャーナルRadiation Physics and Chemistry
出版ステータスPublished - 2016 6 1

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