One and two-dimensional analysis of 3π correlations measured in Pb+Pb interactions

I. G. Bearden, H. Boggild, J. Boissevain, P. Christiansen, L. Conin, J. Dodd, B. Erazmus, S. Esumi, C. W. Fabjan, D. Ferenc, D. E. Fields, A. Franz, J. Gaardhoje, A. G. Hansen, O. Hansen, D. Hardtke, H. Van Hecke, E. B. Holzer, T. J. Humanic, P. HummelB. V. Jacak, R. Jayanti, K. Kaimi, M. Kaneta, T. Kohama, M. Kopytine, M. Leltchouk, A. Ljubiči, B. Lö, N. Maeda, L. Martin, A. Medvedev, M. Murray, H. Ohnishi, G. Pai, S. U. Pandey, F. Piuz, J. Pluta, V. Polychronakos, M. Potekhin, G. Poulard, D. Reichold, A. Sakaguchi, J. Schmidt-So, J. Simon-Gillo, W. Sondheim, T. Sugitate, J. P. Sullivan, Y. Sumi, W. J. Willis, K. L. Wolf, N. Xu, D. S. Zachary

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π -π -π - correlations from Pb+Pb collisions at 158 GeV/c per nucleon are presented as measured by the focusing spectrometer of the NA44 experiment at CERN. The three-body effect is found to be stronger for Pb+Pb than for S+Pb. The two-dimensional three-particle correlation function is also measured and the longitudinal extension of the source is larger than the transverse extension.

ジャーナルPhysics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2001 9月 27

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