On the mechanical properties of TiNb based alloys

Y. Guo, K. Georgarakis, Y. Yokoyama, A. R. Yavari

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A series of TiNb(Sn) alloys were synthesized by copper mold suction casting and subjected to different heat treatments (furnace cooling or water quenching). The microstructure, thermal and mechanical properties of the as-cast and heat treated samples were investigated. For the Ti-8.34 at.% Nb alloy, the as-cast and water quenched samples possess martensitic α′′ phase at room temperature and compression tests of these samples show occurrence of shape memory effect. For β phase Ti-25.57 at.% Nb alloys, stress-induced martensitic transformation was found during compression in the as-cast and water quenched samples. For the ternary Ti-25.05 at.%Nb-2.04 at.%Sn alloy, conventional linear elastic behavior was observed. It is shown that the addition of Sn increases the stability of the β phase. The Young's moduli of these alloys were also measured by ultrasonic measurements. Water-quenched Ti-25.57 at.%Nb alloy was found to exhibit the lowest Young's modulus value. Sn addition has small impact on the Young's moduli of the TiNb alloys.

ジャーナルJournal of Alloys and Compounds
出版ステータスPublished - 2013 9月 15

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