On-Machine Measurement of Large Mirror Profile by Mixed Method

Satoshi Kiyono, Wei Gao

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This paper presents a new differential method called the mixed method, which was developed to measure the profile accurately under the circumstances of on-machine measurement. In comparison with the 2-point method, this method can more remarkably reduce the datum errors due to scanning, vibration and thermal drift. This method also has the advantage of obtaining the high-frequency component of profiles accurately. An optical sensor was designed and made to realize both the 2- point method and the mixed method. With a modulation technique, the sensor has a good thermal drift characteristic. It can measure the displacement and angle of two points on a mirror surface simultaneously with a resolution higher than 0.1 jim and 1 second. Using this sensor, an on-machine measurement system has been constructed, and the measurements of the straightness of cylindrical mirrors have been attempted with the 2-point method and the mixed method. Comparing the results, the favorable characteristics of the mixed method have been confirmed.

ジャーナルtransactions of the japan society of mechanical engineers series c
出版ステータスPublished - 1992

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