Observations of soft electron flux during SAR arc event

J. S. Prasad, J. S. Kim, S. Okano

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Attempts to test the validity of the soft electron flux hypothesis for the excitation of SAR arcs have heretofore met with no apparent success. However, observations of other emissions during the times of some SAR arcs repeatedly favour the presence of the soft electron flux in the topside ionosphere. Although no new cases of coincident measurements of SAR arc intensities and the corresponding soft electron flux values are available, an instance has been analyzed in which an SAR arc was examined shortly after an OGO 6 measurement of the soft electron flux. The SAR arc observations were then interrupted by the weather, but in view of the behaviour of the electron flux during the arc development it is believed that this event lends strong observational support to the hypothesis that soft electrons can be an excitation source for SAR arcs. In the case considered, the precipitation of soft electron flux peaks at about the same location and time of occurrence as the SAR arc. The peak value is found to be 5.2 × 108 cm-2 sec-1, which is more than adequate to excite the observed arc.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1980 4月

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