Numerical simulation on snow drifting around a cube model

Xuefeng Li, Xuanyi Zhou, Ming Gu, Y. Uematsu

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Based on the two-phase flow theory, an improved Reynolds stress model(RSM) turbulent model is presented as to stimulate the snow drifting around a cube model. In order to represent the influence of snow particles on the wind field, extra source items are added both to the momentum equations and RSM turbulent model. Comparison of the mean wind pressure on the surface of the cube between obtained results and those through field measurements are presented as to evaluate the suitability and effectiveness. Then snow drifting results predicted by the improved model are compared with the results from the previous researches. It is found that the present results agree well with those through the field measurements, such as the trends of erosion/deposit of snow particles around cube are similar. The simulated results show erosion appears in the windward region, as well as in the separation region at both sides. While deposition appears in the leeward region.

ジャーナルTongji Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Tongji University
出版ステータスPublished - 2010 8 1

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