Novel reversible and switchable electrolytes based on magneto-rheology

Jie Ding, Gangrou Peng, Kewei Shu, Caiyun Wang, Tongfei Tian, Wenrong Yang, Yuanchao Zhang, Gordon G. Wallace, Weihua Li

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Replacing organic liquid electrolytes with solid electrolytes has led to a new perspective on batteries, enabling high-energy battery chemistry with intrinsically safe cell designs. However, most solid/gel electrolytes are easily deformed; under extreme deformation, leakage and/or short-circuiting can occur. Here, we report a novel magneto-rheological electrolyte (MR electrolyte) that responds to changes in an external magnetic field; the electrolyte exhibits low viscosity in the absence of a magnetic field and increased viscosity or a solid-like phase in the presence of a magnetic field. This change from a liquid to solid does not significantly change the conductivity of the MR electrolyte. This work introduces a new class of magnetically sensitive solid electrolytes that can enhance impact resistance and prevent leakage from electronic devices through reversible active switching of their mechanical properties.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2015 10月 23

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