Novel Co-Ti-V-base superalloys reinforced by L12-ordered γ′ phase

Jingjing Ruan, X. J. Liu, S. Y. Yang, W. W. Xu, T. Omori, T. Yang, B. Deng, H. X. Jiang, C. P. Wang, R. Kainuma, K. Ishida

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The influences of alloying elements Al and Ni to a Co-Ti-V master alloy on microstructures, phase stabilities and high-temperature mechanical properties have been investigated. A two-phase microstructure γ/γʹ with ultrahigh γʹ volume fraction was designed in the Co-Ti-V (master alloy), Co-Ti-V-Al (Al-modified) and Co-Ti-V-Ni (Ni-modified) alloys. Al shows a slight tendency to partition into γʹ, while Ni exhibits almost equal distribution between the γ and γʹ phases. Al is found to increase the volume fraction and solvus temperature of γʹ. The solvus temperatures of γʹ in the master alloy, Al-modified and Ni-modified alloys exceed that of Co-9Al-9W alloy (1000 °C) by 91, 112 and 82 °C, respectively. The flow stresses of the designed alloys exhibit an anomalous positive dependence on temperature rising from 600 to 750 °C. The strengths of the master alloy and Ni-modified alloys are not only higher than that of traditional Co-base superalloy MAR-M 302 at the temperature ranging from 700 to 1000 °C, but also comparable with that of the commercial Ni-base superalloy IN-939 between 850 and 1000 °C. In conclusion, the present Co-Ti-V-base alloys reinforced by γʹ are suggested as potential candidates for high-temperature utilizations.

出版ステータスPublished - 2018 1月

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