Noise suppression and crosstalk analysis of on-chip magnetic film-type noise suppressor

Jingyan Ma, Sho Muroga, Yasushi Endo, Shuichiro Hashi, Masayuki Naoe, Hiroo Yokoyama, Yoshiaki Hayashi, Kazushi Ishiyama

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This paper discusses near field, conduction and crosstalk noise suppression of magnetic films with uniaxial anisotropy on transmission lines for a film-type noise suppressor in the GHz frequency range. The electromagnetic noise suppressions of magnetic films with different permeability and resistivity were measured and simulated with simple microstrip lines. The experimental and simulated results of Co-Zr-Nb and CoPd-CaF2 films agreed with each other. The results indicate that the higher permeability leads to a better near field shielding, and in the frequency range of 2-7 GHz, a higher conduction noise suppression. It also suggests that the higher resistivity results in a better crosstalk suppression in the frequency range below 2 GHz. These results can support the design guidelines of the magnetic film-type noise suppressor used in the next generation IC chip.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2018 5 1

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