New results on the halo structure of 8B

M. H. Smedberg, T. Baumann, T. Aumann, L. Axelsson, U. Bergmann, M. J.G. Borge, D. Cortina-Gil, L. M. Fraile, H. Geissel, L. Grigorenko, M. Hellstrom, M. Ivanov, N. Iwasa, R. Janik, B. Jonson

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The longitudinal momentum distribution of 7Be fragments after fragmentation of 8B and the one-proton removal cross section (σ-1p) in a carbon target were measured at 1440 MeV/u with the fragment separator FRS used as an energy-loss spectrometer. The results show a narrow momentum distribution with a FWHM value of 91±5 MeV/c and a large cross-section, σ-1p = 98±6 mb. Both these results support the interpretation of a spatially extended proton orbit forming a halo in the 8B ground state. The momentum distribution and the one-proton removal cross section are shown to be reproduced with a three-body wave function for 8B where the target is treated as a black disc in the breakup process.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1998

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