Neutrophil dysfunction in rats with natural gingivitis

Emiko Isogai, Hitomi Wakizaka, Hiroko Miura, Hiroshi Isogai, Masanobu Hayashi

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The functions of polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMN) from SUS rats with naturally occurring gingivitis were examined by the luminol-dependent chemiluminescence (CL), adherence and bactericidal tests. SUS rats with pre-gingivitis showed lower CL responses of isolated PMNs and whole blood than control rats (RES rats). After plague formation and progression of gingivitis, the CL response gradually increased in SUS rats. RES rats had healthy gingiva and showed no increase in CL responses. Impaired PMN adherence was observed in SUS rats with pre-gingivitis but not in RES rats. PMNs from SUS rats with pre-gingivitis also showed lower bactericidal activity than those from RES rats. Dysfunction of PMNs might induce gingivitis as a result of decreased protection against periodontal pathogens and an elevated level of CL response can be recognized with progression of gingivitis.

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