Neutron economy of transmutation of tru in thermal and fast neutron fields

Tomohiko Iwasaki, Naohiro Hirakawa

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Neutron economy of the transmutation of TRU was examined in well thermalized, thermal and fast neutron fields. Burn-up chains of237Np,241Am and243Am, which are the main TRU nuclides in the high level waste, were calculated in the flux region from 1014to 1017n/cm2-s. Numbers of neutrons absorbed and produced of each chain were calculated using JENDL-3. The net number of neutron produced nnet, which was obtained by the difference of the two numbers, largely varied with the neutron fields, the nuclides and the flux levels. The nnetvalue in the fast neutron field was positive (0.0-1.0) for237Np,241Am,243Am and TRU with the nuclide composition in the high-level waste generated by the conventional PWR. The transmutation of TRU by fission can be performed with producing neutrons in the fast neutron field. On the other hand, the nnetvalue was negative for the well thermalized and thermal neutron fields. For TRU in the high-level waste, the values in those fields were ‒1.0 at 1014n/cm2∙s and 0.0 at 1016n/cm2∙s In the high flux region of 1016n/cm2-s, TRU in the high-level waste can be transmuted by fission without consuming additional neutrons. In the flux region about 1014n/cm2∙s, the transmutation of TRU in the high-level waste by fission requires about one neutron.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1994 12月

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