Network formation of mellitate anions ([C6(COO) 6H6-n]n-) in the salts with piperidinium derivatives and o-phenylenediammonium

Nagao Kobayashi, T. Naito, T. Inabe

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Single crystals of mellitate anion ([C6(COO)6H 6-n]n-) with piperidinium [C5H 10NH2+]3[C6(COO) 6H33-] (1) and [C5H 10NH2+]2 [C6(COO) 6H42-]·CH3OH·3H 2O (2), with 1-methylpiperidinium [C5H 10NHCH3 +]2[C6(COO) 6H42-]·2H2O (3), and with o-phenylenediammonium [C6H4(NH3)2 2+]2[C6(COO)6H2 4-]·2CH3OH (4) have been prepared and structurally characterized. In all of the salts, two-dimensional (2D) networks of mellitate anions were formed due to the strong self-organization of the anion. In 1, a 2D hexagon-type network of hydrogen-bond has been observed to form among the anions. This is characteristic of the mellitate anions with n = 3 (n: deprotonation number from the acid). In other salts, a 2D anion network containing either water molecules or -NH3 groups commonly formed. Since the network pattern occurs with different cation species, this hydrogenbonding unit was determined to be dominant in the n = 2 anion with water and the n = 4 anion with -NH3 species.

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