Neighborhood aggregation effect and its effective scale on reproductive success in Shorea laxa (Dipterocarpaceae)

Yayoi Takeuchi, Hiromitsu Samejima, Michiko Nakagawa, Bibian Diway, Tohru Nakashizuka

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    This study investigated whether reproductive success is affected by the intensity of neighborhood aggregation of adults in the tropical tree Shorea laxa. We focused on three processes in the early reproductive stages: seed maturation; seed survival (categorizing sound seed, predation by insects and predation by vertebrates) in pre-seed dispersal; and seedling survival in the post-seed dispersal stage. We used a model selection procedure to examine the aggregation effect on reproductive success. The intensity of neighborhood aggregation was represented by the neighborhood aggregation index, which contains the adult number within a specific radius and the distances to neighboring adults (weight of proximity). Then, we evaluated the models exhaustively with the aggregation index having different scales (radius and weight of proximity) to assess the scale on which aggregation had significant effects. In particular, the best effective neighborhood scale, which is defined as the scale of the index in the model with minimum Akaike information criterion, was examined to compare those scales among processes. We found that the probability of seed maturation, seed survival and seedling survival decreased with the aggregation index at specific scales. This suggests that aggregation influenced reproductive success negatively in both the pre- and post-seed dispersal stages. However, the selected radii differed among processes: >200 and 130 m in pre- and post-seed dispersal stages, respectively. The selected weight of proximity also seemed to have a weak effect on all processes and was not different among processes.

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