Negligible substrate clamping effect on piezoelectric response in (111)-epitaxial tetragonal Pb(Zr, Ti)O3 films

Tomoaki Yamada, Jun Yasumoto, Daisuke Ito, Osami Sakata, Yasuhiko Imai, Takanori Kiguchi, Takahisa Shiraishi, Takao Shimizu, Hiroshi Funakubo, Masahito Yoshino, Takanori Nagasaki

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The converse piezoelectric responses of (111)- and (001)-epitaxial tetragonal Pb(Zr0.35Ti0.65)O3 [PZT] films were compared to investigate the orientation dependence of the substrate clamping effect. Synchrotron X-ray diffraction (XRD) and piezoelectric force microscopy revealed that the as-grown (111)-PZT film has a polydomain structure with normal twin boundaries that are changed by the poling process to inclined boundaries, as predicted by Romanov et al. [Phys. Status Solidi A 172, 225 (1999)]. Time-resolved synchrotron XRD under bias voltage showed the negligible impact of substrate clamping on the piezoelectric response in the (111)-PZT film, unlike the case for (001)-PZT film. The origin of the negligible clamping effect in the (111)-PZT film is discussed from the viewpoint of the elastic properties and the compensation of lattice distortion between neighboring domains.

ジャーナルJournal of Applied Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2015 8 21

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