Negative-pion trapping by a metastable state in liquid helium

S. N. Nakamura, M. Iwasaki, H. Outa, R. S. Hayano, Y. Watanabe, T. Nagae, T. Yamazaki, H. Tada, T. Numao, Y. Kuno, R. Kadono

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We have found a long-lived metastable state of stopped - in liquid helium by measuring the time spectra of two different delayed products: (i) protons emitted after - absorption by He4 nuclei and (ii) 70-MeV electrons originating from free -'e-e» decay. The lifetime and fraction of delayed - absorption obtained by using the emitted protons are 7.26"0.12 nsec and 1.66"0.05%, respectively. The free-decay fraction of a pion in liquid helium was obtained to be 0.64"0.03% from this result, which is consistent with the observed free-- decay fraction. These results imply that 2.30"0.07% of stopped - are trapped in the metastable state which have an overall lifetime of 10.1"0.2 nsec. The same experimental and analysis were performed for stopped - in liquid neon, where no evidence for trapping was found.

ジャーナルPhysical Review A
出版物ステータスPublished - 1992 1 1

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    Nakamura, S. N., Iwasaki, M., Outa, H., Hayano, R. S., Watanabe, Y., Nagae, T., Yamazaki, T., Tada, H., Numao, T., Kuno, Y., & Kadono, R. (1992). Negative-pion trapping by a metastable state in liquid helium. Physical Review A, 45(9), 6202-6208.