Nanoscale material design and processing by electron beam energy

Shun ichiro Tanaka, Bing She Xu

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Nanoscale material processing by electron beam energy is newly proposed and reviewed. Al nanoparticles without oxide layer were firstly obtained by electron irradiation in HRTEM from Θ-Al2O3 through a debonding of Al-0 and recombination of Al atoms. Other kinds of nanoparticles such as W, Nb are also formed by a similar procedure with higher electron densities. Electron irradiation at the intensity of 1020e/cm2sec caused various motions of Al nanoparticles such as migration to gather, rotation and revolution around irradiation center, diameter decrease and bonding. Giant onion-like fullerene encapsulating Al nanodecahedron was obtained from amorphous carbon film in TEM, and Al atoms intercalated structure was finally formed. A similar fullerene structure was formed by the catalysis effects of Pt, Au, Nb and W nanoparticles. Main mechanisms were also discussed by the concepts of the momentum transfer and the catalysis effect. We can propose the new environment-conscious method to obtain and control oxide-free nanoparticles, nanosized metallofullerene and intercalation structure by electron beam irradiation.

ジャーナルInternational Journal of Materials and Product Technology
出版ステータスPublished - 2001

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