Multipole effects of Γ3 doublet-Γ4 triplet states in PrMg3

Koji Araki, Yuichi Nemoto, Mitsuhiro Akatsu, Shinya Jumonji, Terutaka Goto, Hiroyuki S. Suzuki, Hiroshi Tanida, Shigeru Takagi

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Elastic properties of cubic PrMg3 with a non-Kramers Γ3 doublet ground state have been investigated with ultrasonic measurements. The temperature dependence of the elastic constant (C 11-C12)/2 in PrMg3 exhibits a characteristic minimum around 28 K and successively shows pronounced softening below 8 K down to 20 mK. The observation is well described by multipole susceptibility considering both an electric quadrupole Ov and electric hexadecapole Hv with Γ3g representation for the crystal field level Γ3 ground state and Γ4 triplet excited state located at 54 K for PrMg3. The contribution of the hexadecapole in the Γ34 system to the multipole susceptibility should be emphasized to explain a common feature of the minimum typically observed in (C11-C12)/2 of Pr-based compounds PrPb3, PrAg2In, and the present PrMg3, as revealed by systematic ultrasonic measurements.

ジャーナルPhysical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2011 7月 7

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