Multiple description coding using time domain division for MP3 coded sound signal

Ho seok Wey, Akinori Ito, Takuma Okamoto, Yoiti Suzuki

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In audio communications over a lossy packet network, packet loss conceal- ment techniques are needed to mitigate a user's frustration when perceiving the deterio- ration of the quality of the decoded signal. Multiple description coding (MDC) is a useful solution to this problem. In this paper, we describe an MDC method for concealing packet losses for wideband sound signal streaming based on the sample splitting method in the time domain and encoding by an MPEG-1 audio layer III (MP3) encoder. To enhance the quality of the restored signal, we applied a Wiener filter to the higher frequency part of the restored signal. Experiments were conducted to compare the proposed method with several conventional methods, conrming that the proposed method showed higher quality results than the conventional methods for a range of bit rates from 128 to 192 kbps when there were heavy packet losses.

ジャーナルJournal of Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing
出版ステータスPublished - 2010 10 1

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