Multifunctionalities of single-molecule magnets with electrical conductivities

Kazuya Kubo, Hiroki Hiraga, Hitoshi Miyasaka, Masahiro Yamashita

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A new strategy for the preparation of hybridized materials with coexisting magnetism and conductivity was developed using single-molecule magnets (SMMs) and molecular conductors. The new strategy has various advantages including easy modification of their molecular and electronic features. The hybridized materials, [{MnII2 MnIII2(hmp)6(MeCN)2}{Pt(mnt) 2}x][Pt(mnt)2]2·nMeCN (x = 2 or 4, n = 0, or 2) and [Mn2(5-MeOsaltmen)2(solvent)x][Ni(dmit) 2]y·n solvent (x = 0 or 2, y = 2, or 7, n = 0 or 4, solvent = acetone or MeCN), were prepared from cationic SMMs and acceptor types of molecular conductors by diffusion or electrochemical crystallization methods. In this review, the strategy for preparation of hybrid materials based on SMMs and molecular conductors and physical properties of the salts are discussed.

ホスト出版物のタイトルMultifunctional Molecular Materials
出版社Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd.
出版ステータスPublished - 2012 12 31

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