Multi-walled carbon nanotubes-based glucose biosensor prepared by a layer-by-layer technique

Jiadong Huang, Yu Yang, Haibin Shi, Zhao Song, Zixia Zhao, Jun Ichi Anzai, Tetsuo Osa, Qiang Chen

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The loading of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) and glucose oxidase (GOx) in the alternate layers of a glucose biosensor was first optimized based on a layer-by-layer construction on the surface of a graphite disk electrode. With the increasing of MWNTs/GOx layers, the response current to glucose was changed regularly and the response current reached a maximum value when the number of MWNTs/GOx layers was 6. Owing to a good electrical conductivity, strong adsorption and excellent bioconsistency of MWNTs, the (MWNTs/GOx) 6 films-coated glucose biosensor had an excellent electrochemical properties. The response current of the (MWNTs/GOx)6 films-coated biosensor to 3 × 10- 2 M glucose was 1.63 μA while the response time was only 6.7 s. The linear range and the lowest detectable concentration of this biosensor was 5 × 10- 4∼1.5 × 10- 2 M and 0.9 × 10- 4 M, respectively.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2006 1月

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