Molecular Optical Gating Devices Based on Polymer Nanosheets Assemblies

Jun Matsui, Masaya Mitsuishi, Atsushi Aoki, Tokuji Miyashita

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    We describe here a polymer nanosheet assembly that serves as a molecular photoswitching and optical exclusive OR (EXOR) logic gate. Separate polymer nanosheets (monolayers) containing phenanthrene, anthracene, and dinitrobenzene chromophore were prepared by the Langmuir?Blodgett technique (LB films). A bilayer-couple, consisting of phenanthrene (sensitizer) monolayer and dinitrobenzene (acceptor) monolayer, and the other couple, of anthracene monolayer and dinitrobenzene monolayer, were confirmed to function as a photodiode showing current rectification on light irradiation. The two photodiodes are connected as each photocurrent direction becomes opposite. In the polymer photodiode array (LB films), anodic photocurrent was observed when the anthracene was selectively excited. On the other hand, cathodic photocurrent was observed by selective excitation of the phenanthrene. Moreover, the output photocurrent displayed a very small value when the phenanthrene and anthracene were excited simultaneously. The performance is discussed for this gate's application to an optical EXOR logic gate.

    ジャーナルJournal of the American Chemical Society
    出版ステータスPublished - 2004 3 31

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