Molecular cloning of the gene for p85 that regulates the initiation of cytokinesis in Tetrahymena

Kohsuke Gonda, Kimiko Nishibori, Hiroyoshi Ohba, Atsushi Watanabe, Osamu Numata

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Tetrahymena p85 is localized to the presumptive division plane before division furrow formation; its molecular weight in SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis differs in wild-type and temperature-sensitive cell-division-arrest mutant cdaA1 cells. At the restrictive temperature, p85 localization and division furrow formation are not observed in cdaA1 cells. In this study, we purified p85 and cloned a wild-type p85 cDNA. The deduced amino acid sequence of p85 was composed mainly of two kinds of repeat sequences. One of these contained regions homologous to a calmodulin-binding site and a part of actin, and the other contained a region homologous to a part of a cdc2 kinase homologue. Moreover, we cloned a cDNA encoding the cdaA1 p85. There was no difference in the predicted amino acid sequences of wild-type and cdaA1 p85, suggesting that the difference in molecular weight between p85 in wild-type and mutant cells is caused by a disorder of posttranslational-modification mechanisms of p85 in the cdaA1 cell.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1999 10月 14

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