Millimeter-wave WDM sources using two-mode injection-locked FP lasers

M. Ogusu, K. Inagaki, T. Ohira, I. Ogura, H. Yokoyama

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This paper concerns mm-wave WDM source based on two-mode injection-locked FP lasers. The optical master signals can be generated by modulation of a WDM CW light source with a reference RF signal. A wavelength demultiplexer is applied to distribute each pair of modes into each FP laser. The data transmission in the mm-wave band is demonstrated. Influences of optical crosstalk of the wavelength demultiplexer at the WDM source and the optical drop filters at base stations are investigated in order to perform error-free data transmission. We evaluate influence of the fiber nonlinear effects among the channels when the channel intervals are reduced to a half of the carrier frequency of the mm-wave signals. The possibility of remote signal modulation of the two-mode locked FP lasers is also investigated where an external intensity-modulated signal is injected.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2005 7月 1

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