Microstructures and properties evolution of Al-Cu-Mn alloy with addition of vanadium

Fansheng Meng, Zhi Wang, Yuliang Zhao, Datong Zhang, Weiwen Zhang

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    The effect of the vanadium addition on the microstructure, the precipitation behavior, and the mechanical properties of the Al-5.0Cu-0.4Mn alloy has been studied. The as-cast Al-5.0Cu-0.4Mn alloy was produced by squeeze casting and the heat treatment was carried out following the standard T6 treatment. It is shown that, with the addition of V, grain refinement of aluminum occurred. During heat treatment, the addition of V accelerates the precipitation kinetics of θ′ (Al2Cu) phase along the grain boundaries, and promotes the growth rate of the θ′ in the α(Al) matrix. Meanwhile, the addition of V retards the precipitation of T (Al20Cu2Mn3) phase. The tensile strength of the Al-5.0Cu-0.4Mn alloy increases with the increase of V content, which can be explained by combined effects of the solid solution strengthening and precipitate strengthening. However, excessively high V addition deteriorates the mechanical properties by forming brittle coarse intermetallic phases.

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