Microchip-based chemical and biochemical analysis systems

Kiichi Sato, Akihide Hibara, Manabu Tokeshi, Hideaki Hisamoto, Takehiko Kitamori

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This review focuses on chemical and biochemical analysis systems using pressure-driven microfluidic devices or microchips. Liquid microspace in a microchip has several characteristic features, for example, short diffusion distances, high specific interfacial area and small heat capacity. These characteristics are the key to controlling micro unit operations and constructing new integrated chemical systems. By combining multiphase laminar flow and the micro unit operations, such as mixing, reaction, extraction and separation, continuous flow chemical processing systems are realized in the microchip format. By applying these concepts, several different analysis systems were successfully integrated on a microchip. In this paper, we introduce the microchip-based chemical systems for wet analysis of cobalt ion, multi-ion sensors, immunoassay, and cellular analysis.

ジャーナルAdvanced Drug Delivery Reviews
出版物ステータスPublished - 2003 2 24

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