Metal matrix composites reinforced with Metallic glass particles: State of the art

Dina V. Dudina, Konstantinos Georgarakis, Alain R. Yavari

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    This chapter presents the state of the art in the field of advanced metal matrix composites(MMCs) with metallic glass reinforcements. Metallic glasses are attractive as hard and strongmaterials more compatible with metallic matrices than ceramics due to their common metallicnature. Scarce publications appeared more than 2 decades ago presenting MMCs withamorphous reinforcements; however, it is only in the recent few years that this type ofmaterials has gained significant interest from specialists both from the field of metastable andglassy materials and from the field of traditional MMCs. Several research groups havecontributed to the development of these novel materials, so, at present, they can be trulyregarded as a new class of MMCs. Proposed processing routes, microstructures obtained andmechanical properties of the prepared composites are overviewed in the chapter in order toemphasize recent developments and propose future research directions. Due to availability ofa wide variety of metallic glasses, the composition, microstructure and properties of metallic glass-reinforced MMCs can be very finely tuned. Preparation of fine metallic glass particles,uniform mixing of these particles with a metal matrix and keeping the amorphous structure ofthe reinforcement intact upon temperature-assisted consolidation present challenges yet to betackled in order to use the full potential of this new class of MMCs.

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