Melting of forsterite Mg2SiO4 up to 15 GPa

Eiji Ohtani, Mineo Kumazawa

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The melting curve of forsterite has been studied by static experiment up to a pressure of 15 GPa. Forsterite melts congruently at least up to 12.7 GPa. The congruent melting temperature is expressed by the Kraut-Kennedy equation in the following form: Tm(K)=2163 (1+3.0(V0 - V)/V0), where the volume change with pressure was calculated by the Birch-Managhan equation of state with the isothermal bulk modulus K0 = 125.4 GPa and its pressure derivative K′ = 5.33. The triple point of forsterite-β-Mg2SiO4-liquid will be located at about 2600°C and 20 GPa, assuming that congruent melting persists up to the limit of the stability field of forsterite. The extrapolation of the previous melting data on enstatite and periclase indicates that the eutectic composition of the forsterite-enstatite system should shift toward the forsterite component with increasing pressure, and there is a possibility of incongruent melting of forsterite into periclase and liquid at higher pressure, although no evidence on incongruent melting has been obtained in the present experiment.

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