Mechanochemical synthesis and thermoelectric properties of TiFe2Sn Heusler alloy

Andrei Novitskii, Illia Serhiienko, Andrei Nepapushev, Alexandra Ivanova, Tatyana Sviridova, Dmitry Moskovskikh, Andrei Voronin, Hiroyuki Miki, Vladimir Khovaylo

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Heusler alloys have attracted much attention due to their low toxicity, mechanical and thermal stability, relative abundance, and potential for thermoelectric power generation. Herein, we demonstrate that TiFe2Sn full-Heusler alloy can be obtained by a mechanochemical synthesis of metal precursors followed by spark plasma sintering. It is shown that thus prepared samples exhibit the ordered structure (Heusler phase, MnCu2Al-type). The influence of processing parameters on microstructure, phase composition, and thermoelectric properties of TiFe2Sn is studied. The thermoelectric figure of merit of the sample fabricated under optimal mechanochemical processing parameters is comparable to that of TiFe2Sn synthesized using the conventional route. Thus, our results indicate that the mechanochemical synthesis is a facile, scalable, and cost-effective route for the preparation of TiFe2Sn Heusler alloys.

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