Mechanically induced solid-state devitrifications of Zr70Pd20Ni10 glassy alloy powders

M. Sherif El-Eskandarany, J. Saida, A. Inoue

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A single glassy phase of Zr70Pd20Ni10 alloy powder was synthesized by mechanical alloying the elemental powders for 48 hours, using a high-energy ball-milling technique. The obtained glassy phase transformed into a metastable big-cube phase upon increasing the ball-milling time (100 hours). After 150 hours of milling, a complete glass-metastable-phase transformation was achieved, and the end product was nanocrystalline big-cube powder, which has a lattice constant of 1.23 nm. As the ball-milling time was further increased the big-cube phase could no longer withstand the mechanical deformation that was generated by the milling media and transformed into a new metastable phase of nanocrystalline fcc Zr70Pd20Ni10. The lattice constant of this metastable phase was calculated to be 0.455 nm. The reported metastable phases here are new and have never been, so far as we know, reported for the ternary Zr-Pd-Ni system, or its binary-phase relations.

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