Measurement of the cross section for the 4He(α, n)7Be reaction as a possible solution to the cosmological lithium problem

T. Kawabata, T. Furuno, M. Ichikawa, N. Iwasa, Y. Kanada-En'Yo, A. Koshikawa, S. Kubono, E. Miyawaki, T. Morimoto, M. Murata, T. Nanamura, S. Nishimura, Y. Shikata, Y. Takahashi, T. Takeda, M. Tsumura, K. Watanabe

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The cross section for the 4He(α,n)7Be reaction was measured at low energies between Eα = 38.50 and 39.64 MeV motivated by the cosmological lithium problem. On the basis of the detailed balance principle, the cross section for the 7Be(n,α)4He reaction was obtained at Ec.m. = 0.20-0.81 MeV close to the Big Bang nucleosynthesis (BBN) energy window for the first time. The obtained cross sections are significantly smaller than the theoretical estimation widely used in the BBN calculations. The present results suggest the 7Be(n,α)4He reaction rate is not large enough to solve the cosmological lithium problem.

ジャーナルJournal of Physics: Conference Series
出版ステータスPublished - 2017 7 4
イベント11th International Conference on Clustering Aspects of Nuclear Structure and Dynamics, CLUSTER 2016 - Napoli, Italy
継続期間: 2016 5 232016 5 27

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