Measurement of high-NA axisymmetric aspherical surface with continuous interference method

Y. Nagaike, T. Kuriyagawa, W. Gao, J. Yan, N. Yoshihara

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The measurement principle where in a high-NA (Numerical Aperture) surface, for which the degree of the angle of surface inclination exceeds π/3 radians, could be evaluated with high precision and high speed is proposed. This is based on the stitching method, where aspherical surface measurement becomes possible by dividing the surface of the sample into a range so that measurements can be made with an interferometer and finally combined. We examine the method of applying an interferometer to the condition in which the sample is rotated on an air spindle at a constant speed. It is not necessary in this method to make the sample static. Therefore, the vibration of the servo motor and any location errors can be eliminated. Moreover, the measurement time does not depend on the number of divided areas which are necessary for the stitching method, allowing for high-speed measurement. The principle behind this technique is expanded first, and an experiment system based on it was constructed. The principle proposed was evaluated, and its effectiveness was confirmed.

ジャーナルKey Engineering Materials
出版ステータスPublished - 2009 1 1

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