Mass-transfer characteristics within microbial systems

M. Onuma, Tatsuo Omura

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The diffusion coefficient within a microbial system was determined by both diffusion and kinetic studies on the basis of Fick's model and an effectiveness factor model, in order to predict the mass-transfer characteristics of this system. It was found to be dependent on the molar weight and C/N ratio of the compounds and substrates used in the diffusion study. On the other hand, the transitional film thickness from a reaction limited case to a diffusion limited one was found to be about 150 μ in a kinetic study. The observed diffusion coefficient in the diffusion study was of the same order as that of the kinetic study.

ジャーナルWater Science and Technology
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出版ステータスPublished - 1982 1 1
イベントWater Pollut Res and Control, Proc of the Bienn Conf of the Int Assoc on Water Pollut Res and Control, 11th - Cape Town
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