Map-based cloning of a candidate gene conferring fusarium yellows resistance in Brassica oleracea

Motoki Shimizu, Zi Jing Pu, Takahiro Kawanabe, Hiroyasu Kitashiba, Satoru Matsumoto, Yusuke Ebe, Monari Sano, Taketo Funaki, Eigo Fukai, Ryo Fujimoto, Keiichi Okazaki

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    Yellow wilt disease is one of the most serious diseases of cabbage worldwide. Type A resistance to the disease is controlled by a single dominant gene that is used in cabbage breeding. Our previous QTL study identified the FocBo1 locus controlling type A resistance. In this study, the FocBo1 locus was fine-mapped by using 139 recombinant F2 plants derived from resistant cabbage (AnjuP01) and susceptible broccoli (GCP04) DH lines. As a result, we successfully delimited the location of FocBo1 within 1.00 cM between markers, BoInd 2 and BoInd 11. Analysis of BAC and cosmid sequences corresponding to the FocBo1 locus identified an orthologous gene of Bra012688 that was recently identified as an candidate gene that confers yellows resistance in Chinese cabbage. The candidate gene-specific DNA markers and phenotypes in F1 cabbage cultivars and their selfed F2 populations showed a perfect correlation. Our identification of the candidate gene for FocBo1 will assist introduction of fusarium resistance into B. oleracea cultivars and contribute further understanding of interaction between Brassica plants and fusarium.

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