Magnetotransport properties of Fe48Mn24Ga 28 Heusler alloys

V. V. Khovaylo, T. Omori, K. Endo, X. Xu, R. Kainuma, A. P. Kazakov, V. N. Prudnikov, E. A. Gan'Shina, A. I. Novikov, Yu O. Mikhailovsky, D. E. Mettus, A. B. Granovsky

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Magnetotransport properties of an Fe48Mn24Ga 28 Heusler-based ferromagnetic shape memory alloy are tracked in a temperature interval that covers both martensitic and austenitic phases. A large temperature hysteresis indicative of a coupled magnetostructural transition from ferromagnetic martensite to paramagnetic austenite is observed on the temperature dependencies of magnetization and electrical resistivity. The temperature dependency of the anomalous Hall-effect coefficient in Fe 48Mn24Ga28 cannot be described in terms of skew scattering, side-jump, and intrinsic mechanisms of the anomalous Hall-effect theory. The Hall-effect resistivity in the martensitic state is smaller, but is of the same order of magnitude as in the case of the giant Hall effect in a half-metallic Co2MnAl. Specific features of the temperature dependencies of magnetization, resistivity, magnetoresistance, and ordinary and anomalous Hall-effect coefficients are discussed and the possible routes for increasing Hall-effect resistivity are suggested.

ジャーナルPhysical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2013 5 7

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