Magnetotransport of the low-carrier density one-dimensional S = 1/2 antiferromagnet Yb4As3

P. Gegenwart, H. Aoki, T. Cichorek, J. Custers, M. Jaime, A. Ochiai, F. Steglich

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The transport properties of the semimetallic quasi-one-dimensional S = 1/2 antiferro-magnet Yb4As3 have been studied by performing low-temperature (T ≥ 0.02 K) and high magnetic-field (B ≤ 60 T) measurements of the electrical resistivity ρ(T, B). For T ≳ 2 K a 'heavy-fermion'-like behavior Δρ(T) = AT2 with huge and nearly field-independent coefficient A ≈ 3 μΩ cm/K2 is observed, whereas at lower temperatures ρ(T) deviates from this behavior and slightly increases to the lowest T. In B > 0 and T ≲ 6 K the resistivity shows an anomalous magnetic-history dependence together with an unusual relaxation behavior. In the isothermal resistivity Shubnikov-de Haas (SdH) oscillations, arising from a low-density system of mobile As-4p holes, with a frequency of 25 T have been recorded. From the T- and B-dependence of the SdH oscillations an effective carrier mass of (0.275 ± 0.005)m0 and a charge-carrier mean-free path of 215 Å are determined. Furthermore, in B ≥ 15 T, the system is near the quantum limit and spin-splitting effects are observed.

ジャーナルPramana - Journal of Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2002
イベントInternational Symposium on Advances in Superconductivity and Magnetism: Materials, Mechanisms and Devices - Mangalagangothri, India
継続期間: 2001 9月 252001 9月 28

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