Magnetoresistance enhancement in MnxGa 100 - X/MgO/CoFeB perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions by using CoFeB interlayer

Q. L. Ma, T. Kubota, S. Mizukami, X. M. Zhang, M. Oogane, H. Naganuma, Y. Ando, T. Miyazaki

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The magnetoresistance effects of the perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions (p-MTJs) based on Mn-Ga ordered alloys are reported. By tuning the Mn-Ga composition, the MTJs based on L10 and D022 structured Mn-Ga alloys were achieved in the MTJ stack structure of Cr(40)/MnxGa100 - x(30)/Mg(0.4)/MgO(2.2)/CoFeB(1.2)/Ta(5)/ Ru(7) (nm). The values of magnetoresistance (MR) ratio at room temperature for different Mn-Ga composition are around 5%. In order to enhance the MR ratio, a thin CoFeB layer was introduced between the Mn-Ga and the MgO barrier. The MR effect shows a strong Mn-Ga composition dependent as CoFeB interlayer thickness increases. An MR ratio of 50% was obtained at room temperature when the CoFeB thickness is 1.5 nm for Mn62 Ga38 based MTJs.

ジャーナルIEEE Transactions on Magnetics
出版ステータスPublished - 2013

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