Magnetic study on single crystals of YMn6Ge6 and LuMn6Ge6

M. Koyama, Y. Narumi, S. Yoshii, K. Kindo, L. Zhang, E. Brück, K. H.J. Buschow, F. R. De Boer, C. Lefèvre, G. Venturini

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The magnetic properties of single crystals of the HfFe6Ge 6-type compounds YMn6Ge6 and LuMn 6Ge6 obtained in an In flux have been investigated by thermomagnetic measurements and by a high-field magnetization study. Both the compounds display Néel point at TN = 482 and 527 K, respectively. The compound YMn6Ge6 saturates at M s = 12 μB/f.u. above 33 T, whereas LuMn 6Ge6 is still not saturated in the largest applied field (M(50 T) = 9 μB/f.u.), thus indicating different strengths of the antiferromagnetic interactions. The magnetization curves of YMn 6Ge6 and LuMn6Ge6 recorded with the field applied along the c-axis display a field-induced transition at relatively low field (around 10 and 15 T, respectively), which should be related to spin reorientation process. In larger applied fields, all magnetization loops display two field-induced transitions with pronounced hysteretic behaviour which may be related to the successive stabilization of helical and fan structures.

ジャーナルJournal of Alloys and Compounds
出版ステータスPublished - 2006 2 9
イベントProceedings of the Rare Earths'04 in Nara, Japan -
継続期間: 2004 11 72004 11 12

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