Magnetic spectrometer Grand Raiden

M. Fujiwara, H. Akimune, I. Daito, H. Fujimura, Y. Fujita, K. Hatanaka, H. Ikegami, I. Katayama, K. Nagayama, N. Matsuoka, S. Morinobu, T. Noro, M. Yoshimura, H. Sakaguchi, Y. Sakemi, A. Tamii, M. Yosoi

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A high-resolution magnetic spectrometer called "Grand Raiden" is operated at the RCNP ring cyclotron facility in Osaka for nuclear physics studies at intermediate energies. This magnetic spectrometer has excellent ion-optical properties. In the design of the spectrometer, the second-order dispersion matching condition has been taken into account, and almost all the aberration terms such as (x|θ3), (x\θφ2), (x\θ2δ) and (x\θδ2) in a third-order matrix calculation are optimized. A large magnetic rigidity of the spectrometer (K = 1400 MeV) gives a great advantage to measure the charge-exchange (3He, t) reactions at 450 MeV. The ability of the high-resolution measurement has been demonstrated. Various coincidence measurements are performed to study the nuclear structures of highly excited states through decay properties of nuclear levels following nuclear reactions at intermediate energies.

ジャーナルNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment
出版ステータスPublished - 1999

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