Low-leakage MIS structures with 1.5-6 nm CaF2 insulating layer on Si(1 1 1)

N. S. Sokolov, I. V. Grekhov, S. Ikeda, A. K. Kaveev, A. V. Krupin, K. Saiki, K. Tsutsui, S. E. Tyaginov, M. I. Vexler

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Thin high-quality calcium fluorite films are grown on (1 1 1) silicon in the low- and middle- temperature molecular-beam epitaxy processes followed by annealing. Metal-insulator-semiconductor structures with such films exhibit much smaller leakage currents than the casual structures with silicon dioxide. They demonstrate also satisfactory wear-out characteristics. Low leakage is achieved not due to high permittivity, but due to restricted tunnel transparency of the fluorite owing to a large effective mass of carriers. Therefore, CaF2 is a promising candidate for gate material in advanced field-effect transistors.

ジャーナルMicroelectronic Engineering
出版ステータスPublished - 2007 9 1

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