LHC signature of mirage mediation

Won Sang Cho, Yeong Gyun Kim, Kang Young Lee, Chan Beom Park, Yasuhiro Shimizu

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We study LHC phenomenology of mirage mediation scenario in which anomaly and modulus contributions to soft SUSY breaking terms are comparable to each other. A Monte Carlo study of mirage mediation, with model parameters α ≤ 1, M0 ≤ 500 GeV, nM ≤ 1/2, nH ≤ 1 and tanβ ≤ 10, is presented. It is shown that masses of supersymmetric particles can be measured in a model independent way, providing information on SUSY breaking sector. In particular, the mass ratio of gluino to the lightest neutralino for the benchmark scenario is determined to be 1.9 m/m 10 3.1, well reproducing theoretical input value of m/m10 2.5 which is quite distinctive from the predictions m/m106 of other SUSY scenarios in which gaugino masses are unified at the GUT scale. The model parameters of mirage mediation can be also determined from various kinematic distributions.

ジャーナルJournal of High Energy Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2007 4 1

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