Lasing and thermal characteristics of Yb:YAG/YAG composite with atomic diffusion bonding

Siva Sankar Nagisetty, Patricie Severova, Taisuke Miura, Martin Smrž, Hitoe Kon, Miyuki Uomoto, Takehito Shimatsu, Masato Kawasaki, Takeshi Higashiguchi, Akira Endo, Tomáš Mocek

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We demonstrated the laser performance of an Yb:YAG/YAG composite ceramic laser medium mounted on an aluminium heatsink via atomic diffusion bonding (ADB) technique using nanocrystalline metal films at room temperature in air. The surface temperature rise of the ADB bonded laser medium was linear with 57 °C lower than that of the commercially available soldered Yb:YAG thin disk at the pump power of 280 W. Moreover, the ADB disk was pumped 1.5 times higher (7.3 kW cm-2) than the typical damage threshold of the soldered disk without any sign of damage. The undoped capping may be effective for the suppression of ASE heating; however, according to the in situ OPD measurement it induces strong thermal lensing. The CW laser output power of 177 W was obtained at the pump power of 450 W with the optical-to-optical efficiency of 40% using V-shape cavity.

ジャーナルLaser Physics Letters
出版ステータスPublished - 2017 1

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