Laser monitor for soft and hard biotissue analysis using dynamic speckle photography

N. Bazulev, N. Fomin, C. Fuentes, T. Hirano, E. Lavinskaya, S. Martemianov, T. Mizukaki, A. Nakagawa, S. Rubnikovich, J. B. Saulnier, K. Takayama, J. L. Tuhault

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Joint development of a laser monitor for real-time biotissue analyses is presented. The monitor is based on digital dynamic laser speckle photography and deals with soft and hard biotissues both under normal conditions and under shock-wave treatment. In soft tissues, dynamic biospeckles are formed in laser light scattered from tissue. An optically transparent model of hard biotissue was prepared and an analysis of the stress field in the stressed model was performed using the dependence of the refractive index of transparent solids from the state of stress and double exposure speckle photography data. The refractive index of the stressed material was evaluated, and the state of stress was reconstructed using the stress-optical low. The time-space cross-correlation analysis of the temporal evaluation of the dynamic biospeckle patterns is shown to be a means of real-time flow visualization of blood microcirculation in living tissue. Digital processing of the biospeckle patterns yields 2D maps exhibiting temporal and spatial variations of the blood flow.

ジャーナルLaser Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2003 5月 1

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